Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've been painting furiously and have done 3 Whidbey Animal Star paintings.  I'll post them soon.  Meanwhile, I'm away from the Island for a week studying hypnotherapy ... and while I miss being in my studio working on WAS, it's quite amazing to be doing this training.  After today's long session, I chilled by doing a couple of studies for WAS.  I had quickly grabbed acrylic paints, oil brushes, and a pad of paper as I rushed out the door to catch the boat.  I NEVER paint with acrylic, had only a super limited color palette, and the equipment is all wrong.  Oh well!  I used copper and bronze because I had no yellows.  Improvised like crazy, and turns out I like the spontaneity!!!  First is a quick colorful study of Wendy, a WAS kitty.  Second is Boofie in the Snow, another WAS contender.  I am ever grateful to all the wonderful animal lovers who are sharing their photos with me.  I anticipate painting like a fiend, learning a ton, and having loads of fun with all the photos I'm receiving!  Doing these studies are excellent prep for the oil paintings yet to be painted.